Focus, Drive, and Dedication at 100MPH – CHECK OUT Stock 2 Rock – Series 2 (part 1 & 2) Below

Interview with Justin Loreth, founder / owner of Lefty’s Chop Shop
1032 Shady Oaks Dr. #200 Denton, TX 76205 (240) 687-5598

Stock 2 Rock Series 1

Stock 2 Rock Series 2 (parts 1 & 2)

From the beginning of my interview with Justin it was clear he’s got the right mind-set, passion, and drive to build exceptional performance motorcycles. And after learning of Justin’s background it was pretty clear how he evolved into the performance bike rock-star that he is.

Justin 1Justin is the product of America’s heartland, born in Seattle he spent his early years in the Northeast where many people of character call their home. From Seattle he moved to Nebraska where “hard work and dedication” should be the state motto. Taking that pride with him Justin joined the US Air Force and served proudly as a turbo-prop mechanic; Justin knew that quality and performance were paramount in keeping our Air-men safe and effective.

After the Air Force Justin moved into construction management. I could hear the pride in his voice when he described some of the high-rises he was part of building. Construction may have paid the bills but it was not where Justin’s heart was pointing. Justin’s passion was squarely focused on building motorcycles that met his imagination of what a great motorcycle should be; even though at that point he had never ridden one!!!

Justin has the inquisitive nature and innate ability to learn, he has a passion for figuring things out and determination to get it right; truly a “can-do” attitude. So begins a wild ride to launching Lefty’s Chop Shop.

Outfitted with magazine articles, YouTube videos and help from the folks at several bike building sites Justin 2Justin set out to build his first bike although he had a lot of restrictions. First of all his “shop” was also the kitchen in his 2nd floor, one room apartment. Strapped for cash Justin would buy the parts he could afford every payday. As the bike came together he knew he had to do 2 things, get the bike off the 2nd floor and get a motorcycle license. With the help of his construction friends Justin got a big shipping container and brought the bike down virtually one part at a time. While finishing the bike in the shipping container Justin took his MC safety training course.

The big day came when the bike was ready, Justin fired it up and… it started right up. Justin really demonstrated his character when he hopped on the bike and decided to push it to the limit on his maiden voyage. At 100+ MPH Justin’s thoughts were around his faith in his own work.

A page had turned; Justin’s dream was now on the fast track to become a reality. Justin left the construction industry, headed straight over to his favorite ink shop and got the tattoos he always wanted but couldn’t have in the corporate world – he was all in! In no time at all he built 3 more bikes and Justin 3founded Lefty’s Chop Shop with his like-minded friend Ted Armstrong. Justin told me Ted is the only other guy he knows that sees bikes the way Justin sees them, a great partnership.

At the time of this interview Justin had over a dozen bike-builds under his belt and is now promoting a service pack option where he takes a stock bike and makes it the perfect performance machine (see the video Stock 2 Rock). Justin’s favorite bike for the service pack is the Harley Police bike. Justin told me that it has great basics to build off of and is not overly chromed. You see, Justin is all about the utilitarian approach, he said he would put chrome on my bike if I wanted but he sees no point in spending all that time polishing chrome when he could be riding instead. Look for a lot of matt black bikes coming out of Lefty’s.

Justin 4Today Lefty’s Chop Shop is growing and expanding their partnerships for paint and parts. Justin’s free spirit is clearly at the center of his passion for building performance bikes and his use of performance parts from the intake / exhaust, open belt drive, shocks, and wheels all are focused on going fast. When I asked Justin if he had any closing comments he said “you have to mention my wife Kelley, she’s my rock” (one hot rock if you ask me). I have to tell you Justin Loreth is onto something with Lefty’s Chop Shop… truly a shop that is focused, driven, and dedicated. Check ’em out!

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